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Why Patreon?

Patreon is one of the best ways for freelance artists like me to earn income from their fans and supporters. Due to my ongoing health issues and financial condition I am only able to work from home, and I am dependant on my commissioners, clients and patrons. I am hoping that Patreon gives me the freedom of focusing towards my art more and keep saving for future.

What will you get?

  • Viewing access to most of my finished works before everyone else,
  • First to hear about my new projects and commission openings,
  • Patreon exclusive sketches, work-in-progress stages and all other back-stage progress,
  • "ARRR!!" (Art Rewards, Requests and Raffles),
  • Voting privileges regarding what I should be working on next,
  • Patrons only Discord for all of the above, plus communication, spontaneous shots from works-in-progress and NSFW art (must be over 18),
  • Discounts on commissions and priority for queues,
  • KoFi Charms Freebies for all Patrons (must have been supporting for at least 3 months), repeats in every 6 month. 
  • SOON: Timelapse videos and art streams with doodle/sketch requests [need new computer],
  • My gratitude and love! 


Till the end of January;

  • Icon Commissions are ON, they are $10 each (+$7 for extra characters), examples here.
  • All the other commissions now have %10 discount, info also here!
  • Payments via PayPal and upfront.
  • Contact via if interested.

Cheers! o/